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REA Diagnostic Technician course

Recommended Prerequisite: 

Recommended Prerequisite: It is highly recommended that the trainee complete the REA Energy Analyst program prior to taking this course.

Participants will become familiar with gas appliance components and operational characteristics with the goal in mind being competent inspection and testing. Worst Case draft and CO testing are featured in this course. HVAC duct leakage topics include how duct leaks can impact occupant safety, building durability, HVAC system performance, and energy consumption. Participants will learn how to use diagnostic tools such as the blower door, duct blaster, combustion analyzer and flow meter. They will learn to use a combustion analyzer to test combustion appliances to assure proper operation and efficiency. Participants will learn to use a digital manometer to measure appliance draft, combustion appliance zone (CAZ) depressurization, and room-to-room pressure imbalances. They will also get hands-on experience and learn how to do a daily safety test-out procedure. Other topics covered are the fundamentals of air exchange, the influence of air sealing on indoor air quality, combustion appliances, and relative humidity levels. Hands-on work in the lab is heavily included in this session. This course will also cover CO health effects, CO alarms, how CO is produced, and proper inspection, testing and mitigation techniques. This training is also designed for the auditors and technicians who may be performing inspections or will be making the safety and efficiency repairs. Specific approaches and appropriate materials are introduced and demonstrated. A major goal of the course is to show how to utilize pressure differentials to improve the speed and effectiveness of their work.

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