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A Residential Energy Auditing Contractor is a contractor that conducts energy audits on residential properties.

  • For the purpose of this accreditation, Energy Auditors are workers that possess both REAP Energy Analyst 1 and Diagnostic Technician certifications.

  • Energy audits must be performed by certified Energy Auditors. A certified Energy Auditor must be present on site at all times when conducting energy audits. A certified Energy Auditor can supervise no more than one non-certified worker at one time.

  • Work plans or packages must be prepared by a certified Energy Auditor or Crew Leader.

  • Work plans or packages must include energy audit results, diagnostic results, computer modeling output (if employed), measure installation plan, and final audit results. All contractors and sub-contractors must be identified.

  • All work plans or packages completed by the Contractor must be inspected to the satisfaction of a REAP Inspector who is not employed by the Contractor.