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REAP Certified

Our flagship training and certification program was formally created in 2002 and consists of a comprehensive series of courses leading to Certification endorsed by the State of Oregon Department of Housing and Community Services (OHCS) for working on low income weatherization assistance projects. Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) has recognized REAP as qualified curriculum and Certification for the workforce elements of the Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Technology (EEAST) program under the Oregon Administrative Rules. The Oregon Construction Contractors Board (begining in January 2011) issues a certificate for contractors who meet REAP certification requirements.

Each certification is valid for 5 years, providing the certificate holder completes annual Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

  • Shell Technician
  • Energy Analyst
  • Diagnostic Technician
  • Crew Leader
  • Weatherization Inspector

CEUs are the responsibilty of the certificate holder. For each certificate, 6 CEUs must be completed annually by attending approved training. A form must be filled out separately for each certificate.

CEU Submittal Form